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Contents Solutions

Simplify property claims handling.

From fast, accurate contents inventory and valuation to streamlined salvage or replacement of possessions, Alacrity Solutions can handle the burden of contents settlements for you and your policyholders across all 50 states.

Contents Solutions
Contents Solutions

How content replacement works:

1. Alacrity contacts the insured to review contents losses

LKQ Valuation

2. Our content specialists determine current LKQ value

3. We send contents evaluation to adjuster

4. Adjuster authorizes replacement

5. Product(s) sent directly to insured

6. Adjuster issues payment to Alacrity

Tell us how you’d like assistance, or
have us handle it all for you.

We’ll help you tackle simple single-item claims, like residential burglary, complex commercial business losses and everything between.

On-Site Inventory Creation

Photograph and itemize non-salvageable contents


Create a precise, uniform and easy-to-read inventory in the format that best fits your workflow

Contents Valuation

Research LKQ pricing and apply depreciation to the contents inventory

Contents Replacement

Leverage established relationships with manufacturers, distributors and retailers to ship LKQ replacement items directly to the insured


Reduce claim exposure by recouping funds for lightly damaged and recovered contents

Receipt Management

Provide holdback calculations and/or ALE receipt organization

Car Seat Replacement Program

Offer a fast, easy solution for car seat loss due to auto accident  

Benefits For:


  • Close claims quickly
  • Fast inventory creation
  • More accurate valuation – including depreciation
  • Easy-to-use Contents Valuation Report (CVR)


  • Profitability from lower LAE
  • Flexible menu of customizable services
  • Personal service ensures customer satisfaction and maximizes retention
  • Discounted pricing on many replacement items


  • Direct shipment of new LKQ replacement items
  • Name brand merchandise with manufacturer warranties
  • Reduced business interruption cycle
  • Fast, efficient claims settlement
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The personable professionals

With roots dating back to 1990, our contents team has operated knowing that customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal for your organization. Just as it is for ours. So we prioritize communication and making the people we work with feel like family.

Content Claims
Content Claims